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The STFL1 product promotion meeting of our factory in Xi'an Sendian was successfully held

Time:2019/3/7Author:adminClick: 637
On March 17th, our factory once again welcomed the good news. The factory in Xi'an Sendian successfully held the promotion meeting of STFL1 series residual current electric fire monitoring detector products in Xi'an. This meeting was organized by General Manager Liu of Xi'an Sendian. Mr. Liu invited the leaders of Shaanxi Electric Professional Committee, more than 20 design institute experts and scholars from the province, the leaders of the provincial fire brigade fire department, and the fire prevention department leaders of all provinces. Nearly 200 people participated. Our factory headquarters sent senior senior engineer Fan Lao to give exquisite explanations and live demonstrations for our guests. There was no absence in the venue (probably due to the frequent occurrence of electrical fires, which caused people's economy, life and spirit to be very big. The loss has made the leaders of all walks of life pay special attention to the prevention of safety. After the meeting, the leaders and experts of the conference gave a high evaluation, and several design institutes have been vying for our products.